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Lead Generation Tips: How to Generate Leads Online for Business

Lead Generation Tips: How to Generate Leads Online for Business

Lead generation is one of the integral aspects of online marketing. It is, in fact, one of the main reasons why most businesses choose to move online. While it is great to have an audience, the real gain comes from converting them to leads and ultimately turning them to customers. Several working methods have been tested by the top industry experts. In this article, I share a few insights into how to generate leads online for business.

The following are valid tips which when implemented would help you get business leads online.


A perfect lead magnet helps you to engage your online audience and turn them to customers. A lead magnet is a free offering displayed on your website for your audience. You can offer it in exchange for their email addresses or bonus attached to purchasing on your website.

It is not enough to have a particular lead magnet in mind; you need to know what your audiences want at that specific time. Most marketers think attaching a free e-book or newsletter is all there is to a lead magnet, but this is not always the case. You can have several options and take a poll on which one your audience prefers.

This is the one you should offer to them as it can easily get you their email addresses and keep them coming back to your site. These customers can even help advertise your products or services by referring you to their friends since a freebie is involved. Offering lead magnets is an excellent solution to how to generate leads online for business.


This is another essential aspect of lead generation and conversion. No one wants to visit a site that has unclear content. This means that every page on your website should be optimized for easy navigation and understanding. This can also boost your online presence as search engine algorithms recognize sites with a low bounce rate and rank them higher.

The landing page should clearly state what your business is all about. This should be done in short and simple paragraphs to make it easier for your audience to scan through. It should also be attractive enough, such that your audience will want to visit your home page, services page, and the other pages you have on your website.

Also, do not forget to include a call to action at strategic positions on your website. You can easily find out what works by doing an A/B testing. This will help point out what your audience prefers, and you can make use of this option while discarding the others.


Blog posts are integral to promoting any website. The main reason is that it points out more insight to your audience. An average audience that does not know much about what you offer will want to learn more. Your home page and services page might not just do enough justice to explaining what you offer. The blog posts on your website can help your audience understand your business better while learning more about the field. That is Content Marketing.

A blog post on your website will go a long way in helping it rank well on search engine result pages. This is especially true if you make use of the right keywords in your content. Proper knowledge of Search Engine Optimization is essential to write great content that will also rank on Google and other search engines.


Social media is your greatest tool for display and attractions. With over 100 popular social media tools out there, it becomes easy to pitch your content to the world. There are several social media channels with millions of active subscribers. Some of them include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, Quora, etc.

With these channels, you can create an optimized business account and reach out to your target audience using different strategies. Since there are millions of subscribers and several other similar businesses to yours, you also need to understand how each social media platform works.

You must also offer something that will attract your audience even more than your competitors. You can employ a social media analyst to help get this done.


As much as you want to grow your brand online, the fact is that there are some authorities online that have a larger audience base than you. You can explore this aspect by requesting to post your blogs on their website. This will help you get a greater reach, and it can increase your audience base speedily. Most blogs that allow guest posting request payment for a featured post; hence you need to be sure the website is worth it before making payment. However, if well discussed, you could guest post quality blogs on external websites for free. That way, it’s a win-win for both parties.


Many businesses fail because of a lack of follow-up. According to Propeller, 44% of businesses give up after one follow-up, whereas 80% of leads do not convert to customers until after the 5th follow-up. This might sound too massive, but it’s one of the sacrifices you need to pay to get several leads converted to customers.

Getting to follow-up your audience will be much easier if you have taken the proper first step in this list, giving a lead magnet. Your lead magnet can be sent to your audience’s mail; that way, they will have to send in their emails. Using any of the email automation tools, you can keep up with them by writing catchy and personalized email addresses to your audience.

You can also put a call through to them, as this will make them feel important, which is a great way to keep your customers coming.


In this article, you’ve a few steps on what to do concerning how to generate leads online for your business. The steps listed above are essential for anyone who wishes to get more leads and conversions. But, these steps can take your whole day and hinder you from focusing on other aspects of your business. This is why you will need an experienced digital marketer to get the tasks completed for you.

With my years of experience as a content creator and social media analyst, coupled with my in-depth knowledge in search engine optimization, I can help you handle all of the processes involved in your leads conversion. Contact me today, and let’s take your business to the next level.


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John Oladokun Opeyemi is a Content Writer, Social Media Analyst and SEO strategist that loves helping brands and businesses achieve their objective via working digital solutions.

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