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Email Marketing Hacks for Speedy Growth

Email Marketing Hacks for Speedy Growth

Email marketing hacks

Email marketing is as important as starting a business, either online or offline. Email marketing is the process of getting your message across to your subscribers, hoping that they will become steady customers. This might sound like a seemingly long term marketing technique; however, a good marketer can enjoy speedy growth from email marketing. It is possible to achieve this because the marketer understands a few email marketing hacks, which will be explained in detail in this article. Some of the top email marketing hacks that can be employed to enjoy speedy growth include:


Content is key when it comes to email marketing. The more regularly you send in contents to your subscribers, the more active they will perceive you to be. Understandably, you might not have the luxury of time to write educational and informational content for your subscribers. However, it is safe to share other people’s content with them. This will prove that you have their best interest at heart, and it will even prompt them to trust your business better. However, it is even better to write regular content, which will be purely informative. This means that you should reduce the sales pitch in this kind of content.


Whenever you send in emails to your email list, try as much as possible to incorporate a referral bonus in the email list. This can be in the form of a discount offer or some points which they can use to patronize you and get a product or service for free.

You can also consider the option of encouraging comments or feedback when sending email messages to your email list. This will help keep up the interaction, and they will always have you in mind and look forward to the next email you will be sending to them.


Social proof can go a long way in motivating your email subscribers to patronize you faster than you think. It can also cause them to refer your product and services to their family and friends. Social proof can be in different forms, and one of the easiest social proof is to tell your readers how many people have subscribed to your email list. This is good is you have a large number of email list subscribers. People tend to trust businesses that have a larger reach better than those who do not.

Another form of social proof can be achieved by encouraging your audience to write a review of your product or service. Amazon does this so well when sending messages to their email list. It can go a long way in driving sales to your business.

Storytelling and testimonials are another great means of utilizing social proof. You can back up your content with a story that your customers will find easy to relate with. You can also send in testimonials and reviews from influential personalities that have used your product or services.

Another method of utilizing the social proof is to be socially active. Your social media business accounts should not be quiet. Try to engage your audience and answer their questions as this will show that you are an expert in the niche, and your audience will tend to trust you better.


One of the most effective email marketing hacks is to get email addresses from anywhere. When collecting email addresses, do not limit yourself to your website audience’s forms to fill. Try as much as possible to get your email list from everywhere. Social media platforms are another great place to get more email subscribers. For instance, you can create a lead generation card on Twitter and start collecting emails for free. You can also employ other creative methods to include pop-up forms and interstitial ads on your business pages.


Email retargeting is another great way of making it easier for your subscribers to familiarize themselves with your business. One of the email retargeting methods is to track what your subscribers click on your website. Then you can go ahead to show them ads based on this data. This will make it easier for your subscribers to make their decision and patronize you earlier than anticipated.

You can also track your users’ behavior and activities each time they log in to your website. Then, you can constantly send them emails tailored to this activity. Airbnb makes use of this email retargeting technique, and it has yielded enough results for them.


Another great way to expand your business using email marketing is to send personalized messages to your subscribers. Sending a personalized message to a new subscriber from the CEO, account manager, or customer care representative can go a long way in motivating the subscriber to check out your business.

Also, personalized messages should be from a real person, and the subscriber should be allowed to respond to the message. Also, each of these messages can be sent based on the subscriber’s behavior, as explained under email retargeting.


HTML inclusion in an email message body is an underused trick that effectively increases your customer base. HTML inclusion makes it easier for your customers to review your product or service, using the 5-star mechanism. You can also use the form option, which allows your customers to fill a form rating their experience or thought about a product or service.

The result can then be used to segment the email list, and you can retarget those who have given positive reviews by sending them more personalized messages. This is a great way to get your products to those who are really interested in buying from you.


Email marketing is a great way to engage your subscribers and increase your audience base. With the use of the email marketing hacks explained above, getting the best from your subscriber is certain. Sometimes, it is also good to unsubscribe those who are not responding to your messages. This will help you get an accurate result and understand how best to approach those who are ready to patronize you.

Employing an expert’s services to get the best email marketing experience and enjoy top results is important. This is where I come in. I provide customized marketing strategies to grow your business and engage your customers. Contact me today, and let’s get started!


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John Oladokun Opeyemi is a Content Writer, Social Media Analyst and SEO strategist that loves helping brands and businesses achieve their objective via working digital solutions.

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