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Content Promotion Tactics to Drive Traffic from Social Media Platforms

Content Promotion Tactics to Drive Traffic from Social Media Platforms

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Content promotion on social media platforms is on a daily rise. According to a recent study, about 96% of bloggers promote their content using social media. However, of all the mediums being used to generate traffic and sales for businesses, social media’s rank is quite low. This is because businesses and bloggers have not found the best tactics to drive traffic and generate sales on social media. Content promotion is important, but it only becomes useful when one achieves success with it. This is why it is important to consider the following content promotion tactics to ensure business traffic growth from social media platforms.


On social media platforms, timing is everything. As much as the top platforms have billions of subscribers, it is important to note that not all of these subscribers are your potential customers. You need to also know that everyone is not always online every time.

 However, there is always a particular time of the day when most of your potential customers are online. Whether you run a B2B or B2C company, you need to identify the best time to post content before going ahead to promote your content online.

According to research done by CoSchedule, morning and early afternoon is the best time to upload content. However, this is not always the case for everyone. Hence, you need to find out when your customers are most likely to be online and see your content. On Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, new posts get a temporary boost from these platforms’ algorithms. This is a good one for those who have their customers online when uploading the content.

The best way to find out the perfect time to upload is to try out a couple of times during the day. Then, check the statistics and results to determine what period of the day or week your content was most viewed. Once you get this, you will realize an automatic traffic rise in your business, provided you upload content related to it.


One of the greatest mistakes most businesses make when trying out content promotion on social media is to post the links to their website. While this is a great way to refer readers to your website, it is a wrong move to content promotion. The first reason behind this is that the social media algorithm of most social media platforms discourages sharing links that will lead people away from the platform. However, if you add a bit of native content before including your link, the algorithm will rank your post better.

Native valuable content also encourages your audience to like and share your post. It will make them realize you are more interested in adding value than merely increasing your sales pitch. Hence, it is best to add a “mini blog post” before posting any link that will lead your customers out of the social media platforms. This will help your social media posts rank better. With this, you stand a better chance of increasing the traffic to your website.


As much as you do not want to bother your audience with a lot of hashtags, there is a reason most social media platforms have hashtags included in them. Hashtags can help generate a newer audience within a short time. This is because the category of people that will see your post will be those interested in that keyword.

However, it is equally important to use the right keywords to get a specific result. Knowing which keywords are more relevant and have more views can be quite difficult. However, some free hashtag-ranking platforms have made it quite easy to figure this out. It is also best to try as much as possible to separate the hashtags from the content or caption.

The hashtag is for you and the social media algorithm. Your audience does not need them; hence, you can create some space between the content and the hashtag. This makes the post appear easier to read, and people tend to prefer this.


Content promotion on social media platforms using a few bucks can make a lot of difference. This is especially the case if you take the right step towards the paid promotion. You need to note that you might not get the result you want at one trial. Hence, it is essential to start slowly and then expand.

Also, focus on the goal of the paid promotion and hence target those who will make this goal possible. This means you do not need to target millions of people with a few bucks. The narrower the reach margin, the more likely it is for you to get a better result. You can also try it out on several social media platforms. Then, you can go ahead to choose the one that gives the best result.


When you are just starting as a small or medium-scale business owner on social media, you might have fewer followers. This does not mean that it is impossible or difficult to expand. All you need do is put in some work, and you will get the result done. One of the strategies of increasing your fanbase as a starter is to rely on influencers. You can reach out to authorities in your niche and request a guest upload of their content on their social media platforms. Some of them will ask you to pay some money, while others might be willing to do that for free.

Whichever option you are lucky to get, ensure that you maximize this opportunity. This means you have to push out your best content that will cause people to start looking for your business.


Content promotion on social media platforms can be quite effective, provided the right effort is put into the process. Since incorporating these processes can be time-consuming, you can employ an expert to get it done. This is where I come in. As a seasoned content creator and social media analyst, I can help create content that will rank your business well on top social media platforms. Also, I can help manage your account and increase traffic reach within a short period. Contact me today, and let’s get started!


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John Oladokun Opeyemi is a Content Writer, Social Media Analyst and SEO strategist that loves helping brands and businesses achieve their objective via working digital solutions.

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