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Contrary to popular belief that SEO is dead, Search Engine Optimization is still alive and thriving. In fact, 93% of online experiences start with a search engine. Yes, they are that important.

Your brand needs top-quality SEO solutions and here is why;

If search engines start almost all online experiences, you should stay relevant on these spaces.

SEO is a proven way to outrank competitors on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and steal the attention of potential clients and customers.

Google is the biggest search engine out there. In 2019 alone, about 75% of search engine market share worldwide was claimed by Google. The figure is 92% at the moment! (StatCounter)

How Can I help?

I develop and implement SEO techniques and solutions that places you on the front page of Google SERPs. Your brand awareness improves significantly with organic presence optimization. You drive relevant traffic and fuel your business growth.

Good keyword research identifies the right words, phrases, and sentences your website should be ranking for. In creating a smart SEO strategy, I’ll help you discover the right keywords that would help you stand out from competitors on Google.

On-Page SEO Optimization increases your chances of ranking on Google. I leverage data to ensure that your website pages are well optimized, including crafting the right titles and meta descriptions for your website pages.

Link building is pivotal to a successful SEO strategy. I will generate secure and trusted backlinks from websites with higher domain authorities while maximizing internal linking, guest blogging, and other hacks. These, in turn, push your rankings up on SERPs.

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Perhaps, it might interest you to know that brands that prioritize SEO and content marketing are 13x more likely to record a positive ROI.

According to Ascend2, 81% of companies reported a positive ROI with an excellent SEO strategy.

Let’s get your business to the top of SERPs, and your ROI to the next level.

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“Opeyemi is fast and reliable and that makes him valuable also for urgent tasks. Thank you.”
Raphael Schleuning
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