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How to Write Quality Blog Posts for Your Business | Content Marketing

How to Write Quality Blog Posts for Your Business | Content Marketing

Blogging for business is one of the main tricks for converting customers and increasing sales. Most small and medium business owners often shy away from this because of a lack of time and writing skills. However, writing a successful post can speedily increase traffic to your site more than most of the other promotion options available. Also, writing a successful blog post for business makes you stand out as an authority in your niche. This is important because your audience tends to trust your voice better and ultimately visit your site even more. Creating a successful blog post is essential as it is better not to write than to upload contents that will turn off your audience. Hence, below are a few steps to creating a successful blog post to promote your business.


Every business owner’s goal is not to make sales for themselves, but to attract people to their business. To achieve this, you need to satisfy them as much as possible. This means the kind of blog posts you will be writing must be tailored towards your customer. It is wrong to just think of a topic idea without considering how well your audience is interested in the topic.

To get the trends in your audience’s minds, you can use keywords analytics tools, as these will show you the kind of words your audience has been searching for. You can also engage the power of social media and check out topics your audience is discussing online. Then, craft a catchy topic related to these keywords and write expressly about it.


The reason most business owners give for not creating any blog post for business is lack of time and topic ideas. This is not meant to be so as proper content planning can go a long way in helping you create content. The goal of content planning is to have enough content to upload. Upload time could be per week, fortnightly, or monthly. This depends on your niche and the method you would love to choose in engaging your audience.

When planning content, get a couple of keywords online as described earlier, then create topics around these keywords. Try to have enough topics for a month well-drafted at the beginning of the month. This will go a long way in helping you create a fresh content throughout the month.

As much as you already have content ideas for the month, you should also be on the lookout for any trending news during the month. You can quickly incorporate this into your writing, provided it is relevant to your niche and worth writing about.


When writing a blog post for business, consistency is key. Have a particular time and days of the week you upload your content. This will help your audience to anticipate your content every time. The amount of content you post is important; however, it is more important to be consistent with the post. No one likes a marketer that is not consistent, not even the search engines. Google, as well as other search engines, rank websites with consistent content better. Hence, if you can upload it weekly, then stick to it. If, on the other hand, you only have enough content to upload twice in a month, you should also stick to that.


Value is essential when writing a blog post for your business. What you want to achieve is to be an authority in your niche. To do this, you must ensure to post content that is valuable to your customers. Valuable content will keep your customers coming to your website, and they will also be willing to pay any amount for your business. This is a great way to even rank better on search engines as valuable content will get several social media shares. Other competitors will also have no choice but to link back to your content whenever they are creating their blog posts.


When writing a blog post, you should bear in mind that you are writing to humans and not robots. This means that your customers will want to feel like someone is talking to them whenever they read your post. This is why you need to choose an engaging writing style and stick to it. As much as possible, let your content reflect a particular voice when writing.

Also, a blog post is meant to be as informal as possible; this makes the content more engaging. It is true you want to make sales; however, your blog post is not the best place to increase your sales pitch. Focus more on educating and informing your audience, rather than trying to sell to them. This will help you get the best from your audience in no time. It will also increase your customer base as you will get several referrals and shares.


The fact that your blog posts do not have any comment does not mean that people are not reading it. Most times, we tend to scan through contents and forget to leave comments. This means that whenever you are writing content for your website, ensure you leave the comment section open. You can end the content by asking for their opinions about a subject matter or asking a question they need to respond to.

Whenever you see a comment on your blog post, do well to respond on time. The interaction will make your audience feel important, and they will always want to come back to your website. This interaction can even go all the way to your social media platform, as well as other places your customers might have shared your content on.


Content writing is essential to promote an online business; however, it is best to devote your time to writing good content to attract more audience. If you are finding it hard to create enough time to write, you can hire a content creator’s services. This is where I come in. As a seasoned content creator and SEO expert, I can help create engaging blog posts for your website.

Contact me today, and let’s get started!


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