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Guidelines to Writing Email Marketing Copy That Converts | Marketing

Guidelines to Writing Email Marketing Copy That Converts | Marketing

The aim of any business owner who wants to implement an email marketing strategy is to increase sales. However, it gets frustrating when there is no result coming from the multiple emails sent out to your target audience. This is why you need to learn how to write the right email marketing copy to attract your target audience and convert them to leads. Writing email marketing copy that converts is achievable if you implement the following in your writing process:

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Your email copy’s subject line is the first set of words that your audience will get to see. Hence, you do not want to mess it up with the wrong word choices. This is why it is best to choose your words carefully when writing a subject line.

This can be the reason an individual will open the email, delete it, or report the email as spam. It is best to use a catchy subject line that relates to what you are offering. You can also start with a promotion or discount offer or just something that will get the attention of your audience.

To get the best subject line ideas, you can pick your inspiration from that of your competitors. However, it will be unwise to use the same words as them as your audience will notice the lack of originality. This can cause them to lose interest in what you have to offer even before getting a chance to pitch it to them.


Another part of writing email marketing copy that you need to watch out for is your preview text. This is the first set of words that explains the content of the mail to your subscribers. Most times, it always contains the first line of your message. This is good, provided you have carefully crafted it to attract your subscribers. It becomes dangerous and an outright waste of time if you add an unclickable link or random words as your preview text.

This can put your audience off in real-time and get them to delete the text. Most modern subscribers read through the preview text before clicking the read the message in the mail. Hence, it is best to maximize the preview text option when sending your business email copy to your subscribers.


Writing email marketing copy for business is similar to writing a web copy. This means that the same approach you give to writing content for your home page or landing page is what you should use when writing your email copy. 

Ensure each of the sentences in your paragraphs is short. The paragraph should also not be too lengthy. You can break them down into two to three sentences. This will make it easier for your audience to scan through the content easily.

To make it faster for your subscribers to get the message in the mail sent to them, you should include only an idea per paragraph. This means that even if you have multiple ideas you want to share with your audience, having the main idea per paragraph makes it easier to comprehend. Your email copy can be long or short, depending on the type of business you are into, your intentions, and the kind of audience you intend to target.


Many might be wondering how possible it is to make noise with your email copy. This happens when you overuse capital letters and exclamations. The use of exclamations or all caps is not necessary when writing an email copy. It will only paint your email copy as spam to your readers. 

This can get your open rate affected. It can even cause blacklisting if several subscribers report your email as spam. Hence, it is best to keep it simple and straightforward. You can use bullet points instead of capital letters.


Most business owners have difficulty delineating between professionalism and a boring copy. Your email copy can be engaging while retaining its professionalism. The first thing you need to do is understand the kind of audience you have and what moves them. You can get your insight from their pages on social media or even from your competitors.

After figuring out who your target audiences are and what motivates them, you need to write as though you are conversing with them. The best email copies are those that can stir up the imagination of readers, and this is what you should try to achieve. You can choose to share an insider’s view, a customer’s experience, or some other personal stories.

The goal of everything is to make it easier for your subscribers to relate to your message. This will help you build a strong relationship with them, hence, increasing your customer base in no time.


The way the human mind works is such that you can easily predict their reaction to some messages. For instance, no one wants to miss out on a discount offer, especially if the time is about to elapse. You can capitalize on this to get into the mind of your subscribers. This means that you can send in an email copy that has a countdown timer on a promotion.

You can also play around with colors as colors have a way to elicit different reactions. For instance, your call to action button can have a bright color that is easily noticeable. The inclusion of pictures can also go a long way in affecting your reader’s perspective about your business. This can cause them to make the right decision towards patronizing you.


If all the strategies listed above are duly followed when writing email marketing copy, then you will experience an exponential increase in your customer base in no time. However, sitting down to create an email marketing copy that converts can be quite tasking since you have other aspects of your business, you need to focus on. This is why requesting the services of a professional will be the right decision.

As a seasoned content & email marketer, I can help create a catchy email marketing copy that converts. This copy will be simple, specific, and professional. 

Contact me immediately, and let’s get started!


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