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Elements of an Effective Business Email

Elements of an Effective Business Email

effective business email

Global email users keep increasing by the day, and it is estimated that the number of users will increase to about 4.3 billion in 2022. As high as this number might sound, it is only sad that most businesses are still not maximizing the power of email marketing. This is evident in their lack of ability or knowledge on how to create an effective business email. Since you never get a second chance of making a first impression, it is best to understand the elements of an effective business email. This will make it easier to communicate your business intention without seeing or speaking with the recipient. 

A proper understanding of the key elements needed in a business email will help increase the level of trust among customers. This will ultimately lead to an increase in the number of users and steady customers for your business, which means massive expansion. Some of the top elements needed to create an effective business email include:


The email address you use when sending messages to your leads or customers is important, as this is the first thing that talks about your business. It is safer to make use of Gmail or Outlook instead of Hotmail or Yahoo. This is because they have grown to become the most commonly used email providers within the space. However, the problem with their usage occurs when you cannot find a professional address when opting for Gmail options.

Hence, when looking to create a professional email address, the best option is to make use of a custom email. The custom email is gotten from a custom domain, which is provided by your web hosting provider. This custom domain name can be in any format, but it always ends with

You can choose the first name or last name of the company or a combination of both. Custom emails are more professional. It is easier to find which is perfect for you. You do not have to add figures to make it unique. A custom email is also easier to remember when compared to the other email options explained above. Hence, getting a custom email is a good way to pitch your business as being serious to your customers.


The subject line is the first part of the email, and it highlights the reason for writing the email using specific keywords. Subject lines for any business email should be clear, concise, and meaningful. The goal is to summarize the purpose of writing the email in the fewest possible words. Hence, you should not start describing with multiple words as this will defeat the writing purpose.

Also, this does not mean that you should write a one-word description when creating your subject line. It will only put off your users as it shows a great level of unprofessionalism. Be sure to include the purpose and level of urgency of the email in the subject line. This will help your users make quicker decisions.


The greeting part of the email is quite important as this shows the level of work you have put into the email. When greeting a recipient in an email, avoid the use of generic greetings, such as “to whom it may concern.” This only shows your level of laziness and lack of respect for the recipient.

If you are reaching out to the recipient for the first time and do not know their name, start with “Hi” or “Hello.” However, it is best to personalize the email you are sending out to your audience. This means including the name of the recipient in the greeting. The name inclusion will help build some rapport with the recipient. Also, your message is likely to be taken seriously in this manner.


The email copy is the most important part of an email. This is where you will explain your intention for sending the mail. Most individuals tend to scan through emails because of the several emails they receive per day. This means that the email you are sending out should be written in short sentences and paragraphs.

You do not need to put all the information in one email if you realize that you have a lot to say. It is best to focus on one subject matter when sending an email. If, however, you need to send multiple messages at once, you can attach a file to the mail.

Ensure your email copy answers the what, when, where, how, and why questions in a systematic and concise approach. Also, your content must be presented politely and professionally. As much as possible, avoid the use of sarcasm or jokes to avoid misinterpretation by users.


The conclusion of your email copy is equally important, as this points out the call to action for the recipient. Hence, you do not need to summarize the points you have listed above, including the actionable step to be taken by the recipient. If your email is tailored towards requesting a specific project, then be sure to remind them of the steps to take. For those who want to provide information in their email, ensure to include the need for feedback. Include the date and time of the meeting if the email is to request a meeting. This will help make your email appear structured and easier to flow with. It will also prompt action taken by the recipient.


This is the last aspect of getting an effective email. Ensure the salutation is related to the email you are sending out to your recipient. This could be a “Best wishes” or “Thanks in advance,” depending on the kind of message you are sending to them. Your email signature should also include your name, your company name, and title. It should also contain your phone number. This should be written on separate lines for easier readability.


In all this writing, ensure to keep the grammar flawless and spellings correct. Do well to check thoroughly before sending out the mail. You can also employ a professional’s services to get the email copy creation and writing done for you. This is where I come in. As a professional content creator and email copy editor, I can help create effective business emails. This will cause your audience to take the proper action and expand your business in no time. Contact me today, and let’s get started!


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John Oladokun Opeyemi is a Content Writer, Social Media Analyst and SEO strategist that loves helping brands and businesses achieve their objective via working digital solutions.

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